Cooperation Program with University of San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL)

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Spanish Program
1. Exchange students will bear all their own expenses during overseas study, including tuition, transportation fee, accommodation fee, meal fee and other living costs.
2. The study term of exchange students is nine months (two semesters).
3. Exchange students will be required to purchase international health insurance during overseas period.
4. During their study in Peru, the students are able to choose cross-cultural communication courses as optional courses or audit them besides Spanish. The courses include Communication Sociology, Communication Psychology, Oral Communication Seminar, Written Communication Seminar, International Relations, Latin-American Politics and History, European Politics and History, International Relation Theory, International Trade, International Politics of Peru, Cross-cultural Communication, Negotiation, Conflict and Mediation, Human Development, History of Peru, Culture and Popular Art, History of Civilization, Introduction to Social Sciences, State of the Nation and Globalized Business Management, Marketing, Trade Management, Macro-economics, language courses, English, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese and others.
5. In the last two months, USIL will issue Certificate of Completion and transcript provided by teaching administrative department of USIL. The foresaid documents will be recognized by Division of Academic Affairs of HEBIC.

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