Cooperation Program with University of Sao Paulo (USP)

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Portuguese Program:
1. Exchange students of HEBIC and USP may study courses offered by both universities while observing corresponding university rules.
2. Exchange students are selected by the university that sends them.
3. HEBIC are responsible for organizing the application and assessment of exchange students and urge those in the foresaid program to pay school roll retention fee to HEBIC on time during overseas period. HEBIC will keep in touch with exchange students so as to keep track of their studies. The overseas study term at the counterpart university is at least one semester.
4. Exchange students should complete study of at least four semesters (two academic years) in HEBIC with good academic performance and foreign language proficiency.
5. Exchange students admitted by USP will study abroad for one academic year and obtain HEBIC’s recognition of the foresaid undergraduate or graduate courses they completed. However, they will not be entitled to obtain Certificate of Graduation of USP.
6. It is the responsibility of HEBIC to deliver applications of exchange students and prepare for obtainment of letter of admission, assist holders of letter of admission in preparing documents for visa application and provide testimonial materials related to the university.
7. Credits gained by exchange students in USP will be transferred to HEBIC. They should gain no less than 44 credits during overseas period. The transcript of overseas academic year will be provided by the teaching administrative department of USP and recognized by Division of Academic Affairs of HEBIC.
8. Exchange students from HEBIC are exempted from tuitions and incidental costs by USP, but they will bear their personal expenses, including accommodation fee, transportation fee, passport fee, miscellaneous costs, tuition, textbook cost, health insurance fee, accident insurance fee and air ticket fee. They should hold valid health insurance on arrival in Brazil.
9. Both universities will offer guidance to exchange students in practical problems and academic matters, especially in accommodation and study assimilation. The receiving university will keep an eye on the safety of exchange students.
10. Both universities are entitled to disqualify exchange students with poor academic performance or personal misconduct, without prejudice to others engaging in exchange program as stipulated in the agreement made by both parties.

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