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                                                                    HEBIC’s Logo and Interpretation
        English Version: The logo is based on the shape of Chinese character “人 (people)”, which responds to the school motto, i.e. “To Be Grownup and Talent”; the symmetrical patterns on both sides represent truth and fact, meaning “Seeking Truth and Facts” forever; the whole logo looks like an eagle, proud and confident; fret, an ancient Chinese pattern, implies that education roots in profound Chinese traditional culture; “人 (people)” with wings represents soaring elites and rising elite undertakings; the ascending pattern like steps indicates that education makes steady progresses incrementally; the linear structure implies that HEBIC engages in diversified development; at a distance, the whole logo seems an ancient bell, as a metaphor of “It never rains but it pours”; and the appearance also looks like a hat for No.1 Scholar who won in the imperial palace examination.

                                                                   Guidelines for Running HEBIC
         With Deng Xiaoping’s Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents” as guide, fulfill the Party’s education policy comprehensively, command the overall work of HEBIC with the outlook of scientific development and adhere to the socialist school-running direction; follow the basic rules of education, operate and manage HEBIC with the means of market economy; insist in being teaching-centered, cultivation-oriented and moral-education-first and advance caliber education from all sides; deal with the relationship among scale, structure, quality and benefit correctly; gain a foothold in Hebei, radiate surroundings, rely on communications and make efforts to well run a provincially topping and nationwide prestigious non-government undergraduate university that assures the government, the society and the market accept, students welcome and satisfies the parents; and cultivate application-oriented communication talents, who are comprehensively developed in morality, intelligence and physique, with innovation spirit and practice ability and suitable for social demands, for national economic and social development.

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