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        Founded in 2000, Hebei Institute of Communications (HIC) is a full-time private higher education school approved by Ministry of Education and established by Mr. Zhai Zhihai, board chairman and CEO of Jingying Group, deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress and national school inspector. 
        “Media is the conscience of society and the morality of our human beings.” — From the interview to Chairman. It is our school motto and manifesto. With the philosophy of conducting the morality with conscience, conducting the teaching with conscience and conducting the performance with conscience, we take the construction of a quality university as our responsibility and mission.
       In its development, the HIC people advance with solid steps. HIC has developed into a higher education school with an area of over 2,000 mu and the building area of over 400,000 square meters, with more than 14,000 full-time students and a teaching faculty of more than 1,000. Relying on diligence, dedication and enterprising spirit, HIC wins the recognition from all sectors of society. In 2005, HIC started to offer undergraduate education; in 2009, HIC was authorized to confer the bachelor degree; in 2011, HIC was qualified to recruit postgraduates in art and became one of the first batches of five private schools qualified to recruit postgraduates. In 2013, HIC cooperated with National Academy of Arts to cultivate doctoral students. In 2015, HIC was selected as application-transformation experimental school of Hebei Province and successfully passed the undergraduate education qualification assessment of Education Ministry of PRC.   
        Focusing on communication and art, HIC sets up 40 specialties for undergraduate education involving in the fields of arts, engineering, management, etc. and 3 specialties for postgraduate education. There is a postgraduate school and 10 second-level schools such as School of Film and TV Art, School of Journalism and Communication and School of Art and Design. Taking the communication and art as the leading, 2 main subject clusters covering specialties related to communication & art and 5 subject clusters of “Two Principals and Three Integration” (i.e. integrating the communication & art with IT, culture management and language & literature) are established. For a private school, it is really a leap-forward development. Nevertheless, HIC is still on the developing way. In 2013, Xing’an campus is put into use. This beautiful new campus lays a foundation for HIC to be a first-class school in aspects of creativity, design, function and management, which is a new port for students to set sail for their dreams.
President Li: The nature of education is to teach the students how to behave. So it is significant to care for their inner worlds. Education is to shape a student’s nice soul through the teachers’ nice soul.
        Besides a professional faculty full of dedication and enterprising spirit, HIC invites the famous experts and masters from various fields. Some of them are media elites, some are famous artists and some are scholars from foreign countries and regions. These celebrities, masters and experts work as professors or guest professors in HIC, and they have become unique human scenes. Through communicating and discussing with them in depth, the students can receive the first-class education and instruction, open their visions and mind. Developing in such an academic atmosphere, HIC is becoming a high-level private higher education school renowned throughout the country.      
       The school-running goal of HIC is “Centering the development of students, cultivating application-oriented talents to meet the needs of society”. The schooling-running mode of HIC is “Project leading, highlighting the practice, co-operating with enterprises, implementing the double guidance, integrating learning, training, practicing and creating”. And the school-running feature of HIC is “Bringing the students to stage and setting up the stage in society”. In the large-scale Media Art Festival held each year since 2012, the students shuttled through the training and competition fields in various specialties, which enriched their campus cultural lives. In recent years, HIC has conducted a close co-operation with government and enterprise. In collaboration with CCTV, China Film Group, Hebei Publishing & Media Group, Hunan Satellite TV, Hebei Satellite TV, Xinhua Net and Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Group, HIC has established more than 100 practice & teaching bases outside school to encourage the teachers and students to participate in the operation and creation. As a university named with “Communications”, HIC combines specialties with communications and teaches the students to practice what they learn. From the editing & directing, photography & video recording, post-editing to stage art design, performance and then management & releasing, all the processes have formed a complete chain from production to marketing of art works, which is consistent with the real working process in this industry.  
        Hebei Institute of Communications has been integrating teaching with industry, class with stage and competition with creation, and extending the class and platform to workplace or stage of art & media. The School of Film and TV Art of HIC participated in the production of the documentary Charming Qinyi, which was awarded the First Prize in academy level of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art and the Best Documentary Award of Chinese (Weihai) International Micro Film Competition. The feature film Banner was on release and gained 3 nominations of Golden Rooster Award. The student Jiao Linyi, who majored in photography, won the Most Potential Photographer in photography competition of Beijing College Student Film Festival for the photograph series Hebei Institute of Communications in Mirror. The School of Journalism and Communication has undertaken the Hebei Competition of National College or University Student Hosting Competition organized by China National Radio continuously for 4 years, which attracted thousands of students from more than 30 colleges or universities in 11 provinces or cities throughout the country. HIC carries out cooperation with national new media platform China Junshi TV Web, and the micro video Blood Soldiers’ List has stepped into practical production. The self-made programs developed together with Qingting FM have come online and the “Sound to Product” Plan is in ongoing. The large-scale multimedia children’s stage show Little soldier Zhangga created by the teachers and schools from School of Performing Art have been played over 150 times both at home and abroad and have stepped into the international stage such as Edinburgh International Festival of the UK and London South Bank Festival. Moreover, they cooperate with Elite Theater to bring out more urban relaxed comedy for Shijiazhuang people and enrich the regional culture. The original dance work China Dream · Taihang Passion from School of Dancing Art won “Lotus Award” and “Top Ten Works”. The teachers and students often appear on the evening party stages of variety shows of CCTV and Hunan TV.
         Since the establishment of Hebei Institute of Communications, nearly thirty thousand applied talents with skills, perseverance and potentials have been cultivated for the society. The graduates entering the workplace have been becoming the main force of media and cultural industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding areas.


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