The Reexamination of First Doctor Graduate Admission of HEBIC Was Completed Successfully

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       On April 14, good news came from Beijing that the second examination of first-year joint doctor graduate admission of HEBIC and Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA) was completed successfully; such pioneering work led Chinese non-government colleges and universities to access to the era of cultivating high-level talents and initiated the beginning of Chinese non-government education.
      On last Oct. 21, HEBIC and CNAA concluded the agreement on joint enrollment of doctor graduates, which was the first doctor graduate cultivation program that Chinese non-government colleges and universities were granted and also initiated a new model for state-level art research institutions to support non-government colleges and universities for cultivation of high-level talents.
      As introduced, the said program began to enroll full-time art doctor graduates from 2014, with the study term of three years, in the cooperation mode that HEBIC and CNAA set up a joint tutor group for joint cultivation, aiming at cultivating high-grade art research, creation and management talents that master solid and extensive basic theories and systematic and profound expertise in art subjects, possess the ability of independently engaging in art research work and creation practice and make creative achievements in art science and professional domains.
      HEBIC was established in 2000, upgraded to an undergraduate university in March, 2007, entitled to grant the bachelor's degree in June, 2009, and qualified to enroll professional master graduates in Oct., 2011, as one of non-government universities engaging in master graduate education in the first batch nationwide. In Oct., 2013, HEBIC concluded the cooperation agreement with CNAA on joint enrollment of doctor graduates and thus became the only non-government university cultivating doctor graduate in China. Currently, HEBIC offers totally 33 undergraduate majors, with more than 15,000 students on campus.
     Mrs. LI Jinyun, President of HEBIC and Doctor Tutor introduced the current development of HEBIC to the journalist:
     Regarding school-running conditions, HEBIC kept on increasing input in the process of development and spared no efforts to create good study conditions for students. Based on two campuses in the south and in the north, HEBIC spent huge investment in constructing Luancheng New Campus. In July, 2013, new buildings of 130,000m2 had been completed and accommodated nearly 5,000 students. Luancheng New Campus boasts well-equipped teaching buildings and laboratory buildings, high-standard film and TV art center, art and design center, media communication center and book information center, advanced training and practice sites and modern stadium. The entire campus was designed according to environmental protection, low carbon, human culture and modern concepts. In addition, teaching equipment and instruments worth of 25 million Yuan purchased for Luancheng New Campus in 2013 have been put into service. With campus network construction and book purchasing of 1.5 million Yuan, Luancheng New Campus has accessed to the digital process and become a university campus full of modern atmosphere.
     Regarding discipline construction, with the practice of 14 years, HEBIC specified the clew of constructing five subject clots, i.e. “two primaries, two in integrated development and one basic”. Two primary subject clots are: art subjects, with film and TV art as main line, including majors like drama, film and television literature, film and TV direction, music, dance, performance, photography, lighting, recording, art design, animation and digital media art; and communication subjects, with communication as main line, including majors like broadcasting and television science, broadcasting and hosting art, and edition and publishing. Two subject clots in integrated development are: the subject clot integrating art, communication and IT, including majors like computer science and technology, art and technology, network engineering, Internet of Things engineering and digital media technology; and the other integrating art, communication and management, including majors like public utilities management, cultural industries management and to-be-offered international business. One basic subject clot refers to the language and literature majors supporting the foregoing four subject clots, including Chinese language and literature, international Chinese language education, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
      Regarding teacher team construction, while intensifying the introduction of talents with high academic attainments, high professional titles and high capabilities, HEBIC enhanced the cultivation of existing teachers, carried forward three construction projects, namely “Realm Project”, “Ability Project” and “Academic Attainment and Degree Project”, improved the moral level, professionalism, sense of social responsibility and professional proficiency level of teachers and accordingly changed the overall look of teacher team in HEBIC.
Regarding teaching implementation, HEBIC attached great importance to practice teaching and cultivation of students’ ability of physical operation (production, creation and performance). HEBIC had proposed the teaching philosophy of “pushing students onto the stage and erecting the stage on the society” in early years. “Studio-system” teaching or “program-type” teaching carried out by HEBIC enabled students to gain the quasi-career experience on campus. Many students have engaged in many social stage performances during their stay on campus, with actual experience accumulated.

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