Seminar: Inheritance and Innovation of Performing Arts in Omnimedia Era Was Held in HEBIC

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        On the morning of Dec. 26, the Seminar on Heritage and Innovation of Performance Art in Omnimedia Era was held in the conference room in F2 in Luancheng Campus of HEBIC. It was learned that, the Seminar was hosted by University Council of Hebei Film and TV Association and undertaken by HEBIC, with “Heritage and Innovation of Performance Art and Cultivation of Talents in Omnimedia Era” as the theme, to discuss the issues of performance art creation and talent cultivation under the background of omnimedia era.  
        Those attending the Seminar included WANG Xiaotang and LIANG Yin, both as famous performance artists, Vice Chairman YAO Guoqiang and Secretary-general ZHANG Guotao of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, Prof. LIANG Ming of Communication University of China, who was also a film director, Director SHEN Xinghao of Shanghai Film Studio, Prof. LI Li of Communication University of China, who was also a playwright, Chairman and Deputy Secretary SHEN Xiaoyi of Hebei Film and Television Group, Vice Chairman and Secretary-general WANG Fan of Hebei Film and TV Home Association, Deputy Secretary-general QING Shi of Hebei Film and TV Home Association, Senior Colonel WANG Chen, who was the former Director of Literature and Art Studio of PLA General Armament Department, Director LIU Ren of Times Fine Arts Publishing House, General Manager XIE Yaping of Hebei Pingfan Film and TV Production Co., Ltd., who was also a director-playwright in Shijiazhuang TV, Dean SHAN Jianxin of Music College of Hebei Normal University, Deputy Dean CHEN Hui of College of Art of Hebei University of Economics and Business, President LI Jinyun, Managing Deputy President DING Haiyan, Director GU Xiaoping of Publicity Department, Director DONG Menghuai of Production-study-research Cooperation Division, Dean ZHANG Congming of School of Film Art and Deputy Dean GAO Hesheng of School of Film Art of HEBIC.
        Deputy President DING Haiyan of HEBIC presided over the Seminar. At the beginning, DING Haiyan introduced present leaders and guests. Then, President LI Jinyun delivered a warm speech. She said that, we held this seminar with the respect to senior artists and the responsibility of art education worker in the hope of learning from teachers and experts, carrying on the artistic character and humanity of senior artists as well as outstanding traditional culture and improving our literature and art creation and teaching continually.
        After appreciating the clips of film classics, experts expressed their original opinions on heritage and development of performance artists’ humanity and creation of film and TV works and made many valuable suggestions. Therein, the speech of WANG Xiaotang, a famous performance artist, triggered the sympathetic response. She narrated her life experience of sticking to the ideal in trough time and persistence in rewarding people wherever she was. Later, a documentary named Beautiful QIN Yi was aired on the scene.
        At last, Managing Deputy President DING Haiyan of HEBIC addressed the summary speech. He said that we would carry on the thoughts and clews of heritage and extend the gratitude to the presence of guests and experts.

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