The 3rd Media Arts Festival of HEBIC Rang Down the Curtain Successfully

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        On the afternoon of Dec. 26, the Closing Ceremony of the Third Communication Art Festival of HEBIC was held in the Grand Theatre of Jing’an Road Campus. It was reported that the Closing Ceremony was consisted of entertainment performance and prize awarding by leaders and guests. Items on the show came from Hebei Normal University, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Hebei University of Science and Technology besides HEBIC.
        Leaders and guests attending the Closing Ceremony included Deputy Secretary SONG Changrui of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, Vice Chairman LU Xiaoguang of CPPCC Hebei Provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary HAN Junlan of Education Working Committee of Hebei Province, WANG Xiaotang, TIAN Hua and LIANG Yin, who were famous performance artists, nationwide experts and scholars as well as some college and university leaders, such as Vice Chairman YAO Guoqiang and Secretary-general ZHANG Guotao of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, Prof. LIANG Ming of Communication University of China, who was also a film director, Director SHEN Xinghao of Shanghai Film Studio, Prof. LI Li of Communication University of China, who was also a playwright, Chairman and Deputy Secretary SHEN Xiaoyi of Hebei Film and Television Group, Vice Chairman and Secretary-general WANG Fan of Hebei Film and TV Association, Senior Colonel WANG Chen, who was the former Director of Literature and Art Studio of PLA General Armament Department, Associate Research Fellow LIU Peng of China Film Art Research Center, Director LIU Ren of Times Fine Arts Publishing House, General Manager XIE Yaping of Hebei Pingfan Film and TV Production Co., Ltd., who was also a director-playwright in Shijiazhuang TV, as well as Chairman and President ZHAI Zhihai of Jingying Group, Vice President LI Jinyun of Jingying Education and Communication Group, who doubled as President of HEBICE, Vice President MA Junshu of Jingying Group Co., Ltd., Assistant-to-Chairman SHEN Ping of Jingying Group, Secretary ZHAO Junshan of CPC HEBIC Committee, Deputy Secretary WAN Suying of CPC HEBIC Committee, who doubled as Vice President of HEBIC, Superintendent LIU Fushou, Vice President HE Jianqiang, Assistant-to-President XU Guolong and Assistant-to-President YAO Shaowu of HEBIC et al.
        The Closing Ceremony raised the curtain with the dance named Love of HEBIC performed by School of Dance Art. On the occasion of the 121st anniversary of Chairman MAO’s birth, the performance climaxed with Qinyuanchun · Snow chorused by HEBIC Chorus. On the scene of Closing Ceremony, leaders and guests awarded prizes for prize winners on the Art Festival.
        With “Dream Chaser, Story of Hebei” as the theme, the Third Communication Art Festival of HEBIC intended to create a batch of outstanding works in diversified forms, dig vivid images full of dense time characteristics and breach of life, better interpret, publicize and carry forward China Dream, Hebei Dream and Individual Dream, reflect the achievements of China’s construction and development, carry on outstanding culture, publicize the socialist core values and carry forward the main theme.
        During the Art Festival, HEBIC held a series of colorful culture and art exhibition events and academic activities. As active response to the Communication Art Festival of this year, massive teachers and students from domestic and overseas colleges and universities brought their own observation, imagination and wisdom into full play, integrated with the core concept of “Creativity • Creation • Innovation” and created lots of art works including original dance, original music and photographs.
        Events on the Communication Art Festival of this year mainly covered film and TV works exhibition, photograph, painting and calligraphy exhibition, dance performance, language art contest, music performance and Guiding lecture hall. The Art Festival offered one President Foundation Prize, two Special Awards, 17 First Prizes, 35 Second Prizes, 52 Third Prizes, 252 Merit Prizes, 19 Prizes for Outstanding Instructor, three Prizes for Outstanding Organization, two Prizes for Outstanding Contribution and 48 “Prizes for Insight” in total.

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