The Team of Riverdance Visited HEBIC for Communication

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        New Year holiday was on the occasion of Ireland Riverdance having the tour in Shijiazhuang. On Jan. 1, Tour Manager Osti Niliolen and main dancers, including Lauren Smith, Branden Campbell, Cynnet Sean Essy , paid a visit to HEBIC, accompanied by General Manager LI Shan of Hebei Tianming Media Co., Ltd. and General Manager JIN Jin of Hebei Jingying Movie & TV Culture Communication Co., Ltd.. Vice President LI Jinyun of Jingying Education and Communication Group, who doubled as President of HEBICE, Assistant-to-President XU Guolong, Dean XING Lingguo of School of Dance Art and Deputy Director XUE Zhijun of International Exchange Division met foreign guests.
        President LI Jinyun first extended the warm welcome to foreign guests, introduced to them the development of HEBIC and the teaching characteristics of School of Dance Art and hoped this visit could promote the learning and spreading of Chinese and foreign dances. Thanks to the introduction of Dean XING Lingguo of School of Dance Art, dancers from Riverdance learned about Chinese dances a lot and expected to interact and exchange with Chinese students very much. After the meeting, both parties gave presents to each other and took photos as souvenir.
        Even without a common language, art is borderless. Accompanied by the leaders of HEBIC, dancers from Riverdance conducted amicable exchange and interaction with teachers and students from School of Dance Art and highly appraised them. Also dancers from Riverdance performed the excellent clip of Riverdance on the scene and drew applause of present teachers and students. Afterwards, they offered teaching instructions to students on tap dance, revealing the charm of Irish dance, in a pleasing atmosphere. Peoples with different cultures gathered because of art and enjoyed the pleasure of dance. Students were very delighted and satisfied with the instructions of world famous dancers.

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