Beijing Opera Master Mrs. SUN Yumin Lectured in HEBIC

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        On the afternoon of Jan. 6, Mrs. SUN Yumin, who was a prestigious Beijing Opera performance artist, educator, Honorary Dean of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and Outstanding Inheritor of Beijing Opera Art of XUN’s School, came to HEBIC and gave an excellent lecture concerning “Introduction to Appreciation of Beijing Opera Art – My Aesthetic Understanding and Superficial Knowledge on Beijing Opera Art” at the multi-functional lecture hall in the new teaching building in South Campus. President LI Jinyun, Vice President HE Jianqiang and Director DONG Menghuai of Production-study-research Cooperation Division attended the lecture together with teachers and students.    
        The lecture was presided over by Director DONG Menghuai of Production-study-research Cooperation Division. First, President LI Jinyun gave Mrs. SUN Yumin a warm welcome and issued her the Certificate of Guest Professor. In the lecture, Mrs. SUN started with the origin of Beijing Opera and elaborated on ABC of Beijing Opera in combination with her own experience in art career. The scene was full of dense academic atmosphere and students showed great interest. The lecture took Beijing Opera art, one of world three major art systems, as the main line, the art life of Mrs. SUN as the clew and traditional Chinese opera culture as the communication medium. At last, Mrs. SUN sang Su-San under Police Escort  in Chinese, English and Japanese and drew applause of teachers and students.
        After the lecture, President LI encouraged students to model themselves on Mrs. SUN’ s optimistic and tough life attitude and study hard. Rich contents, vivid lecturing and profound reflections allowed massive students to experience the charm of Chinese opera culture and further stirred their enthusiasm for learning and inheriting Beijing Opera art. Some students even asked to sign up as soon as the lecture ended.

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