Students of International Communication College Are Selected as Volunteers for National Hanban Teachers

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        The subordinate organization of Ministry of Education, National Hanban selects fresh graduates or postgraduates of humanities and social science or related specialty as Chinese volunteer teachers.   
        Last November, our university recommended and sent 5 students to Hebei Education Department, and participated in the examination of National Hanban. By selecting, Wang Lichi and Zhao Jingxue, (Grade 2011) from College of International Communication, majoring in Chinese Linguistics and Literature (orientation: Chinese International Education), stood out from thousands of applicants with excellent academic performance, passed the examination and interview of Hanban and were selected as volunteers for Thailand ordinary project.
       It is learned that the above students will conduct over a month of volunteers’ pre-service training at Beijing Normal University from March 8 to April 17. And they are going to Thailand to teach in the middle of May. It is hoped that our university will have more students, on behalf of HEBIC, to participate in the voluntary overseas-teaching plan to make a contribution to the spread of Chinese culture.

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