HEBIC Welcomed the Leaders of Hebei Education Department

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        On Mar. 23, the annual inspection group of private universities education institutions, consisting of five members, led by Vice Director of Hebei Education Department YANG Yong, came to inspect the work of HEBIC in 2014, accompanied by President LI Jinyun of HEBIC, Secretary ZHAO Junshan of Party Committee, Vice President and Vice Secretary of Party Committee WAN Suying, Vice President WANG Zhangping and Assistant-to-President YAO Shaowu.
        The group visited teaching facilities of the new campus. Afterwards, they watched the promotion video of our university, and the film The Flag and the documentary Beautiful QIN Yi created by students and teachers of our university. After that, the group listened to the report on school-running of our university in 2014 presented by President LI Jinyun, which included the following four aspects: school-running conditions, behaviors, quality and achievements.
        After listening to the report, the group conducted a discussion meeting with the students and checked materials related to school-running.
        After the inspection, Division Head HAN Jun fed back the inspection results. He remarked: “I have visited all the universities in Hebei province and I think that among the 18 private universities, HEBIC is the university with the highest level, the largest scale, the best conditions and the most normative in school-running, which represents the highest level of private universities of Hebei Province and the orientation of reform and development of private higher education institutions.”
        Finally, Vice Director YANG Yong made important instructions on increasing investment of schools, strengthening moral education construction, setting high goal of school-running and building the first-class university. 

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