Report VI President LI Jinyun’s Attendance at the World Women University Presidents South Asia Forum

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       An 8.1-magnitude disastrous earthquake attacked Nepal and its surrounding areas at noon on April 25. At that time, the World Women University Presidents South Asia Forum was proceeding as planned in a meeting room of Shangri-La Hotel, Katmandu, capital of Nepal. President LI Jinyun and other committee members were shaken “like shaky egg-shaped briquettes” by the sudden earthquake. At first, president LI, who once served in the army, thought it was a terrorist attack and was ready to fight back with anything at hand as her weapon. However, she immediately realized that it was an earthquake. President LI (who was hosting the meeting) and Ms. LIU Jinan (former president of Communication University of China and 77-year old chairman of the organizing committee of the forum), helped evacuating people from the meeting room without hesitation. Ms. LIU and president LI didn’t come out until everyone was safely evacuated to the square outside the hotel.
        What the two Chinese women presidents have done presented their willingness to sacrifice and reflected Chinese spirit and moral values of caring for others. All this occurred at the very moment when president LI was attending the donation ceremony of Nepal College of Journalism and Mass Communicationon behalf of ZHAI Zhihai (chairman of Jingying Group) .
        Everyone present was moved by Ms. LIU and president LI, who were calm and risked their lives for others at the most dangerous moment. Needless to say, all this will be engraved in their hearts.

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