President LI Jinyun Attended the 110th Anniversary of the Chinese Film Forum

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        On May 16, Splendid Screen — the 110th Anniversary of the Chinese Film Forum was held at opisthodome of the main building of Tsinghua University. Five guests attended the forum, i.e. YU Lan, SU Shuyang, LI Qiankuan, XIAO Guiyun and QIN Yi. President LI Jinyun attended the forum as special guest.
        As one of the traditional lectures of Tsinghua “Times Forum”, the 110th Anniversary of the Chinese Film Forum invited senior artists to recall the past and discuss the present and the future of Chinese film.
        Since the screening of fragments of Dingjun Mountain in Fengtai photo studio, Chinese film has a history of more than a hundred years. There were simple and solemn silent films which reflect reality and grotesque and gaudy transitional times fulfilling swordsmen films. Chinese films experienced the Left Age (committing to revolutionary propaganda and reality), flourishing times (encouraging blossoming and contending), the Cultural Revolution (fulfilling heavy silence) and the brilliant era (featuring rich subject matters and profound connotation). The history of Chinese film witnessed the great change of Chinese society. The past, future, appearance and connotation of Chinese films are all worth thinking about. 

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