The 2nd Zhaoxia Prize—“American Film Week” Rang Down the Curtain Successfully in School of Film and TV Art

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        On the afternoon of June 5,the 2nd Zhaoxia Prize—“American Film Week” came to a successful close at the Academic Development Hall of Luancheng campus. It is the last lecture of the 2nd Zhaoxia Prize—“American Film Week”. LIU Ya’nan, a teacher from School of Film and TV Art, was the key lecturer. Guests attending the ceremony included PENG Tao (artistic consultant of Hebei Film and TV Play Creation Center, vice secretary general of Promotion Association of Hebei Economic Media, member of Writers’ Association and professor of School of Film and TV Art) and teachers from School of Film and TV Art like CHEN Ke, YANG Bo and FANG Shu. LIU Ya’nan took Mr. Rabbit, an original film shot by New York University, as an example to thoroughly interpret the characteristics and history of experimental film. Besides, he made a comparison among pioneering film, independent film, experimental film and underground film. When it comes to the contest of Student Film Festival, LIU explained the seven kinds of films and encouraged students to explore further. Meanwhile, he pointed out that “the most important thing in experimental film is innovation”. LIU conducted academic exchanges with students in the lecture. They discussed the theme and content of the film actively.
        In the end of the lecture, professor PENG Tao and XU Ke made a supplementary interpretation to Mr. Rabbit, which focused on “students” film, mainstream film and experimental film”, to enable students to better understand experimental film. The lecture rang down the curtain successfully amid warm applause. 

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