HEBIC Held 2015 Graduation Ceremony

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         We have studied in HEBIC for four years to achieve our dreams. And this summer, we are here to imagine our brilliant future. July is time for graduation. The laughter of graduates permeates in each corner of the college. On June 1, the 2015 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Granting Ceremony of HEBIC were held. The graduates expressed their emotions with happy faces, “No matter how much I cherish HEBIC, I have to say goodbye. Only the sincere wish can be left to HEBIC, teachers and classmates”, “HEBIC is a sincere friend. No matter how long you’ve been away, she will bless you”, “You should have lofty ideals for your dream, and visit HEBIC after graduation.”
       The ceremony began with national anthem. School leaders, department leaders and the graduates of 2015 experienced this exciting moment to bring university life to a successful end. WAN Suying, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of HEBIC, presided over the ceremony. WANG Zhangping, vice president of HEBIC, read out The Decision of Granting Graduation Certificate to Graduates of 2015 of HEBIC, The Decision of Commending Province-level Excellent Graduates and College-level Excellent Graduates and The Decision of Commending the Volunteers of the Plan of University Students Serving the West Voluntarily. In addition, WANG Zhangping invited school leaders to grant graduation certificate, certificate of honor and scholarship.
        WAN Suying, deputy secretary of CPC Committee and vice president of HEBIC, read out The Decision of Granting Bachelor’s Degree to undergraduates of 2015 of HEBIC. Then, school leaders (president LI Jinyun, deputy secretary WAN Suying, vice president WANG Zhangping, dean GUAN Shangqing and dean ZHANG Congming) granted Bachelor’s degree. The graduates, brimming over with joy, accepted “the turning of the tassel”. They achieve this result with four-year’s effort. And the memory of their college life will accompany their growth and last forever.
        The graduation ceremony was held at three campuses simultaneously. ZHAO Junshan, secretary of the party committee, DING Haiyan, deputy president, and other school leaders attended the graduation ceremony of three campuses respectively and granted certificate to graduates.
The representatives of graduates, teachers and presidents gave speeches in succession to express their gratitude and emotion of farewell.
        At the ceremony, president LI Jinyun gave an ebullient speech. She encouraged the graduates to be responsible for the country and family, to work hard and to have confidence in entrepreneurship. She also hopes that the graduates can be more mature, confident and stouthearted in the future. “HEBIC will always be your home,” she said, “we will care for you all the time and hope that you will come back to visit HEBIC after graduation.”
       The graduation ceremony ended in the song chorused by leaders, teachers and graduates.

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