President of LABA Academy of Fine Art of Brescia (LABA) Visited HEBIC

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       On June 30, Brachia, president of LABA Academy of Fine Art of Brescia, visited HEBIC on invitation. President LI Jinyun, GUAN Shangqing (dean of School of Art and Design) and JIN Guoping (general secretary of HEBIC CPC Branch) welcomed Mr. Brachia at Luancheng New Campus.
       LABA is a private comprehensive university in Brescia, Lombardy Region, Italy. It is a higher art school full of vitality and artistic temperament. It is also an international institution of higher learning which has joined the Socrates-Erasmus Exchange Program (Lifelong Learning Program).
Accompanied by president LI Jinyun, Mr. Brachia visited the environment and facilities of our university. President Brachia highly praised the works of our students in the ceramics studio. He said that traditional art needs to be passed on by us and it is of great importance to integrate creativity with education in modern times.
       In the symposium afterwards, president Brachia explained the teaching philosophy of LABA Academy from three aspects. He believes that the true meaning of education does not lie in mechanized teaching, but to explore how to allow full play to the internal creativity of students under positive thoughts and imagination. President LI agreed with him and she remarked that creativity should be welcomed from the most fundamental traditional skills. For example, the study of oil painting is not just simple combination of imitation and drawing, but to paint unique works with your own knowledge and wisdom under the influence of modern art environment. President LI suggested that the students should learn from the works of great artists and obtain inspiration from books and records of world culture.
       President LI Jinyun sent ceramic works made by the students to the guests as gifts and hoped that there will be extensive cooperation between the two schools.

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