The First Soccer and Art Festival of HEBIC Ended Successfully with Remarkable Results

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        On July 4, 2015, the First Soccer and Art Festival of HEBIC came to an successful end, which was an important move initiated by HEBIC affiliated to Jingying Group to implement “Soccer into Campus” strategy (A reform plan to boost the development of soccer in China), spread and promote soccer culture in China. As a private university featuring communications art education, HEBIC actively responds to the call of central government and Jingying Group, which is to develop campus soccer and boost Chinese soccer. By taking campus soccer as a special content of campus culture, HEBIC integrates campus soccer and communications art education, and carries out a series activities ranging from developing campus soccer, creating campus soccer league, enrolling high-level athletes to opening soccer courses, popularizing soccer theories and practical knowledge. Every part has been smoothly carried on and has become key components of Jingying soccer. Meanwhile, the soccer related activities are served as an important way to carry on sunshine sports campaign (a national campaign to boost teenager's physical health). These activities attract many teachers and students to participate in, as a result, the Soccer and Art Festival has obtained remarkable achievements.
        A number of people have attended the event, i.e. LI Jing (vice executive secretary of Hebei Provincial People's Government), LIU Jiaomin (director of Hebei Education Department), LIU Peijun (vice director of the P.E., Health and Art Department of Ministry of Education), HAN Junlan (vice secretary of Education Working Committee of Hebei Provincial Committee), GE Chengsuo (vice director of Hebei Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film, and Television), LI Dongqi (vice director of Hebei Sports Bureau), GAO Jun (director of General Office of the Sports and Art Department of Ministry of Education ), YANG Lihua (director of Ideology, Politics, P.E. and Health Office of Hebei Education Department), GUO Chunyang (vice minister of Publicity Department of Shijiazhuang City Municipal Committee), LANG Jin’guo (director of Shijiazhuang Education Bureau), SUN Baojie (professor of Tsinghua University, “golden whistle” of Chinese soccer and renowned soccer referee of international level), SUN Qingmei (leader and coach of Hebei women soccer team, former famous national women soccer player and women's world player).
       The closing ceremony of the Soccer and Art Festival has been divided into two parts including outdoor part and indoor part. The outdoor part, namely the first half, is soccer demonstration matches. Jingying women soccer players, who are selected and recommended by Jingying Group to get training abroad, just returned to China after one-year soccer training in the USA. They play against soccer team from Caozhou Martial Arts School of Shandong and HEBIC Champions United respectively. These demonstration matches are excellent and filled with applause and excited shouts. Every team has showcased their uniqueness, such as professional skills of Jingying women soccer team, stamina advantage and kung fu of soccer team from Caozhou Martial Arts School of Shandong and good teamwork of HEBIC Champions United.
      The indoor part, namely the second half, is artistic performance and award ceremony. Li Jinyun, president of HEBIC and vice president of Jingying Education Communications Group, delivered the closing speech and illustrated the Jingying soccer system and the solid work undertaken by Jingying Group and HEBIC to boost Chinese soccer. During the ceremony, teachers and students of HEBIC performed cheer dance Set sail for dreams, street dance Fun of Playing Soccer, kung fu soccer hardworking teens of HEBIC, and others. Jingying women soccer players sang the touching song steel rose. Teachers and students of HEBIC also sang the original theme song of Jingying soccer magnificent China and great Jingying. These performances subtly integrate soccer with art and fulfill the goal of combining soccer with communications art. Leaders and guests attending the ceremony presented prizes to the winners of golden ball award, golden shoe award, golden whistle award, champion, second place, third place, organization award and others. At last, LI Jing, vice executive secretary of Hebei Provincial People's Government, declared the closing of the First Soccer and Art Festival of HEBIC.
        During the festival, HEBIC sticks to the main theme, brings every specialty into full play and carries out a series activities related to soccer. Many featured activities related to soccer have been organized including large-scale soccer and art performances, school-level soccer league, soccer cultural corridor activity, soccer related movie playing activity, soccer commentary competition, soccer poster collection activity, soccer cheer dance contest, soccer theme photography competition and soccer micro film contest. These colorful and recreational activities show the artistic culture and creativity of teachers and students of HEBIC. The First Soccer and Art Festival of HEBIC integrates soccer with art, thus on the one hand making soccer more attractive and adding more dynamism to art on the other.
        Over the years, Jingying Group has been taking advantage of its complete educational system from preschool education to post-doctoral education and strives to develop campus soccer. Based on campus soccer, Jingying seeks to develop in the professional soccer field and initiates unique Jingying kung fu soccer. Through continuous exploration and development, Jingying soccer has formed an industrial system featuring campus soccer (basis), professional soccer (core), and kung fu soccer (uniqueness).  The system has five-level training from kindergarten to university, and promotes Jingying soccer brand by its soccer player cultivation philosophy characterizing cooperative cultivation at home and abroad, mutual exchange and integration, campus and society resource sharing, and mutual learning and motivation. The bright prospect of Jingying soccer is evidenced by its complete system, brand features and transboundary cooperation.

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