HEBIC Welcomes Freshmen in Golden Autumn, and Students Start Their New Lives

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           The weather becomes a little bit chillier after a rain. It is another golden autumn and freshman welcoming season. Freshman welcoming work of HEBIC in 2015 has been fully carried out since September 11. New students could register on Xing’an Campus and Jing’an Campus simultaneously. There was a hive of activity: magnificent gate, clean campus, blooming flowers, flying flags and rhythm of youth. Everywhere around the campus was full of warm atmosphere of welcoming freshmen. Students from various regions throughout the country were greeted with enthusiastic face, cordial greetings and convenient service.    
          HEBIC sent 18 buses to the railway station and other transport stations to pick up the freshmen. Functional departments were also engaged in the freshman welcoming work, including Institute Office, School Youth League Committee, Student Affaires Office, Financial Office, Logistics Office and Security Office. These departments created safe, warm, civilized and harmonious welcoming atmosphere and provided convenience and safeguard for freshman registration. The whole freshman welcoming work was pretty warm, efficient and well-organized.        
          Reception centers of each school lined along the campus road. The campus was extraordinarily crowded and vigorous with people coming and going continuously. Staffs in each reception center handled the admission procedure for freshmen methodically and sectary and dean of each school answered the questions for freshmen and their parents in person.     
          HEBIC prepared resting area and drinking area for parents to take a rest after their tiring journeys. At the same time, School of News Communication and School of Film and TV Art printed “A Letter to Parents” and Freshman Brochure to express care and love to freshmen.
          ZHAO Junshan, the party secretary of HEBIC, WAN Suying, deputy party secretary of HEBIC and vice-president and YAO Shaowu, assistant to president came to inspect and give guidance for freshman registration.
          Previously, HEBIC convened a meeting to deploy the freshman enrollment work meticulously, which made full preparation for the arrival of freshmen.  
          Freshman welcoming work was implemented vigorously. Freshmen could handle the admission procedure smoothly according to the guidance of freshman registration process.
          Young volunteers wearing garments of various colors could be seen everywhere. A couple of days before freshman registration, in spite of the rain, they hung the welcoming slogan both inside and outside of the campus. Arriving very early on the day of welcoming freshmen, they set up volunteer service station and information station and raised board at school gate to welcome each freshman. They were very patient to help freshmen to take luggage, guide them to the registration office and answer various questions of freshmen and their parents. They greeted freshmen and parents with sincere smile and enthusiasm. The thoughtful service of volunteers and beautiful environment of the campus made freshmen get rid of strangeness. 
         WAN Suying, vice president and deputy party sectary, accepted the interview of HBIC TV, saying that besides the freshman welcoming work the most important work is to cultivate practical media talents with conscience, morality and intellectual skills adhering to school motto.
         Searching with unbending will to reach the realm of supreme good and virtue; being a promising and outstanding young people just like the sea embraces many rivers. 3900 freshmen enrolled in 2015 from various regions of the country set foot in HEBIC and added much vigor to the beautiful campus. They will set sail for a new life with their youthfulness and dreams in HEBIC.
        On the 12th at 6:00 pm., under the joint effort of all teachers and students, freshman registration work of 2015 was completed successfully.

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