Project Appraisal Report Meeting of China Was Held

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              The project appraisal report meeting of China • (Shijiazhuang, Luancheng, HEBIC) International Photography Biennial Exhibition (tentative name) was held in HEBIC on September 15 and September 16. The report was presided over by president Li Jinyun and over 20 nationwide well-known experts and scholars participated in the report. Guo Chunyang, deputy minister of Shijiazhuang Municipal Propaganda Department, Yang Zhixin, director of Department of Culture, Video, Television, press and publication of Luancheng County, Zhai Zhihai, chairman of Jingying Group, Li Jinyun, president of HEBIC, attended the report.
           Six aspects of the exhibition were discussed ardently by the attendees, i.e.  name, time and hosting place, theme and content, exhibition form, project operation argumentation (application materials, publicity form and precious preparation), budgetary estimate and Financing channels. It was mentioned that Hebei is a province of photography with abundant resources, cultural photographic resources and five culture brands, i.e. red Taihang Mountains, magnificent Great Wall, Yanzhao Culture, and Bohai Sea. However, Hebei Province has disadvantages including different photographic levels, obsolete photographic concept, week photographic theory and commonplace photographic culture, which are mismatched with the photographic resources of Hebei Province. As a result, the flourishing image culture that the picture-reading era should possess is not formed. Therefore, Hebei Province needs a high-level internationalized image brand activity to guide and promote the rapid development of photography, upgrade the level of photographic culture and boost the construction of cultural province of Hebei. On the other hand, amateurs in Hebei Province ardently expect to have an opportunity to exchange experiences of photography and obtain advanced photographic concept and theory. These are the objective reasons of holding this international photography biennial exhibition.
          During the discussion, the attendees agreed that Xing’an Campus of HEBIC is a modern artwork and it can play a full role in its artistic charm especially through holding international photographic exhibition. Meanwhile, the humanistic spirit of Chinese modern universities can be demonstrated to the world in the form of international photographic exhibition. In addition, through holding photograhpy biennialexhibition , Xing’an Campus of HEBIC is expected to be constructed into “eastern Pompidou”.

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