Students from Our University to Peru Spent the Mid-autumn Festival with Local Chinese

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          Fu Rui, Liu Ying, Wang Qiyue and others, who were students of our university studying in Peru Universidad San Ignacio De Loyola, were invited  to attend the evening  party for celebrating mid-autumn festival by local Chinese organizations “Sociedad Central De Beneficencia China, Ton Hua Chong Koc” and “Asociación Peruano China” on September 27, 2015 at Peru local time.
         Mid-autumn Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. With Chinese people spreading all over the world, some traditional folk customs such as mid-autumn festival also are spread in the world, fuse and develop with the local culture and even become the local customs. The party was held at “manor-type” office of Asociación Peruano China. There were rich recreational activities for children and wonderful Latin dance, Chinese martial art performance, dragon dance and drum beating, walk on stilts and so on. The evening party presented the fusion of Chinese traditional culture and exotic culture. Besides, there were all kinds of local snacks, cakes, candies, drinks of Peru, and the typical Chinese one is moon cake, which is representative Chinese food.
         As twilight came at 6: 00 pm, several Kongming lanterns rose up in the sky. “Living in foreign land, keeping motherland in heart, missing family and loving compatriots”. The overseas students from our university shared their happiness with Chinese compatriots in Peru in this Chinese traditional festival. And they were filled with the feeling of kinship and warmth that “Blood is thicker than water” in their heart.

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