Wide Attention Has Been Caused from Aerial Photos of Night Scenery of HEBIC Taken by a Student of Our School

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       Recently, YANG Jian, a student of School of Art Design of HEBIC, uploaded some photos of the night scenery of HEBIC by aerial photography to the internet, which drew wide attention of the society. The photos were reprinted by a large number of media in succession, including Circles of Friends, Yanzhao Evening Paper, Microblog of Shijiazhuang College Students, Xinhua Net, Sina Hebei and Shijiazhuang News. What’s more, Municipal Publicity Department paid great attention to these photos and Yanzhao Evening Paper visited and interviewed our school. Needless to say, beautiful sceneries of HEBIC were really popular. 
      On October 15, 2015, ZHAO Wei, a journalist of News Photography Center of Hebei Daily and ZHANG Xiaofeng, a photojournalist of Shijiazhuang Daily, visited  Xing’an Campus of HEBIC and interviewed CHEN Gang, chief designer of the campus. CHEN Gang narrated the design ideas of bridge corridor to the journalists. And YANG Jian, the original photographer of the beautiful sceneries, communicated with the two journalists. Although there was no specialty of Aerial Photography in HEBIC, YANG Jian, a student majoring in Advertising Design and Production and enrolled in 2013, mastered expertly aerial photography skills and realized precise control in his spare time. Under his camera lens, HEBIC is blessed with breath-taking beauty. What’s more, the Colorful Bridge Corridor has been honored as “Silk Road of the School” and “A Beautiful Scenery in Shijiazhuang” by social media.

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