Beautiful China — the Press Conference of 2015 Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition Was Held

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        At 5 p.m., October 19, the press conference of “2015 Beautiful China — Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition” was held on the third floor of Cultural Industry Park. President LI Jinyun, GUAN Shangqing, dean of School of Art and Design, QI Zhilong, a world famous contemporary artist, and four national famous contemporary artists including WANG Qiang, YA Ri, HAO Xiang and FANG Huimin, attended the press conference. What’s more, the press conference was presided over by WANG Zhangping, vice president of HEBIC, and eleven media like Hebei TV and Hebei Daily attended the press conference
       On the press conference, pesident LI Jinyun made a speech first. President LI extended warm welcome and sincere thanks to attendees of the press conference. She pointed out that, as a comprehensive and application-oriented university, HEBIC always lays emphasis on art education. The importance of art education must be understood especially when we strive to cultivate talents with clear conscience, moral clarity and social responsibility. President LI proposed that university education needs not only the nourishment of profound traditional culture, but also to keep up with nowadays society and the development frontier of world contemporary art.
       Afterwards, QI Zhilong, a world famous contemporary artist, YA Ri and WANG Qiang, two Chinese famous contemporary artists, gave speeches respectively. They expressed their expectation to the first combination of “2015 Beautiful China — Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition” and higher education institutions. In addition, they thoroughly introduced the significance and influence of holding art group exhibition. QI Zhilong pointed out that young people are the main force of artistic creation and universities and colleges are the main places for dissemination of contemporary art. Therefore, the art group exhibition is conductive to contact and integration between students and society. As a result, the artistic creation of students will be closer to the time and life.
      The opening ceremony of“Beautiful China: Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition” is to be held at Modern Art Space of HEBIC at 3 p.m., October 20.

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