“Beautiful China- Contemporary Art Exhibition” was opened grandly

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        “Beautiful China- Contemporary Art Exhibition” was opened grandly at Modern Art Space in Hebei Institute of Communications at 2:00 pm, Oct. 20, 2015. It was hosted by Hebei Committee of KMT Revolution Committee and Hebei Institute of Communications. Either in scale or artistic level, this exbibition was the first in Hebei.
         JIANG Deguo, vice governor of Hebei province, gave a high praise that this Exhibition had a positive impact on culture prosperity and art development and brought a rich spirit feast into the provincial capital in his message of congratulations. He said that the visitors could get improved in art when admiring the beauty of art. He hoped more artists could hold exhibitions in our province and   expected for the success of  this Exhibition.
         Some leaders attended the opening ceremony, e.g. LU Xiaoguang, vice chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Hebei province and director of Chinese KMT Revolution Committee of Hebei province, GUO Chunyang, vice director of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee. FAN Hongyan, vice director of Publicity Department of CPC of Luancheng District Committee, ZHANG Zikang, director of National Art Museum of China, ZHAI Zhihai, board chairman of Jingying Group, LI Jinyun, president of Hebei Institute of Communications, and YA Ri, a famous painter and exhibition planner. Associate organizations like Hebei Painting Academy also sent baskets of flowers to congratulate. The opening ceremony was presided over by DING Haiyan, managing vice president of Hebei Institute of Communications.
        In addition, 35 artists attended this Exhibition, e.g. FANG Lijun, YUE Minjun, QI Zhilong, FENG Zhengjie, MENG Luding, MA Baozhong, WANG Qiang, SHENG Jingdong, ZHANG Liyu and NAN Fang, LIU Zhi, YAN Chao and YAN Shilin who are representatives of new painting and the generation after 70s.
        Modern Art Space was established by HEBIC, which not only contains the exhibition and promotion of higher education achievements but also the presentation, appreciation and popularization of contemporary art. It supplies students a platform which enables them to have a deep understanding of the contemporary art. With modern academic research and art show as the core, it aims to take contemporary artistic ideological trends and artistic innovation style as the main objectives. It provides students with a place of appreciating contemporary Chinese art.
“Beautiful China-Contemporary Art Exhibition” is important in the development course of Chinese contemporary art. Those works record and engrave the social influence and footprint of contemporary art history.
       In the previous press conference, President LI Jinyun said that the reason we hold the activity of “Beautiful China 2015- Contemporary Art Exhibition” today is to present our positive attitude of making efforts to build a platform of dialogue and exchange between higher education and contemporary art. Besides, in order to promote the continous opening of art education in universities and colleges, our school hold the works exhibition of contemporary art and invite China and foreign contemporary artists to carry out all kinds of academic activities.
      Finally, the gusts cut the ribbon together for the opening ceremony. The Exhibition will last to November 10.

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